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Custom Crafted Wearable Art

Our all-over designed clothing are made from the Softest Premium Cotton to keep you comfortable and warm, with a poly blend exterior to create the brightest and richest colours

  • We do not mass produce our products!
  • Each piece is custom made to order, ensuring the highest crafting quality and care.
  • Custom crafting time is about 20 working days plus shipping.
  • Machine washer and dryer safe
  • Shipping available worldwide!
  • Sizes are unisex. See our Size Guide for details

We use a magical printing technique that essentially makes the colors a part of the material itself, allowing the design to stretch with the fabric without cracking or fading, even through numerous wash cycles.

Does eating taco fills your heart with euphoria?

If getting your hands on this celebrated nibble increases the value of your confused life, then let others know your vitality for eating.

Get your own unique Taco Space Onesie and fire that burger, travel to the moon!

Get this exclusive from Scruffy Swanks, the best and craziest all over print clothing shop in the UK.


All over printed Clothing 

Taco Space

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